About A Fundamental Change

Why is it that catastrophes, ironically, bring us together? Most of us will stop to pick up the fallen as we run from an avalanche, a flood, a burning building…yet there’s always the few who will continue to stampede. In the same way, the bond between us all, while we battle for life, seems to melt away color, race, religion, socio-economic status and gender. While most of us gather fleeting insight about what really matters in life, some cling instead to ignorance and the need to feel superior.

“A Fundamental Change”, the movement and musical, brings to light these elements of humankind; the desire for peace juxtaposed against ignorance-based violence; the bonding together through common suffering versus the obscenity of hate crimes erupting from the darkest fears in misguided souls. Through shifting genres of music, from gospel to classical, rock and rap, “A Fundamental Change” will engage your mind, spirit and heart, moving you through interwoven stories both here in the USA and in foreign lands. This real-life inspired story of heroism, triumph and tragedy will captivate and move you, while leaving the melodies swirling through your head and an innate love of freedom in your heart.