Thank you to our wonderful audience members thus far for supporting A Fundamental Change and it’s fantastic Cast & Crew!! Check out what our audience has had to say so far. And if you haven’t already yet, but your tickets now! The show continues on Thursday September 26th and runs through Sunday September 29th.


Audience Member Reviews – “A Fundamental Change”

Quite a fabulous production with a very talented cast …. and a very important message.” – Nancy Wiess

Very well done! The play was so powerful (yet beautiful)”- Carlyle Poole

The play was so moving and it captured for me the ‘fundamental’ challenge to be and do good. The characters etched that conflict and that possibility with dramatic power. The two worlds couldn’t have been further apart and yet could come together. What a message. The music was especially poignant and beautiful. I found myself drifting into the melodies with great pleasure.”- Fred Frumin

We hope that you will continue to launch A Fundamental Change ….. especially in university towns throughout the country….. and hopefully, hatred and prejudice will diminish in a fundamental way. Thank you for helping to make the world a better place!

One Response to Audience Reviews are in!

  1. Guita mahmoudi says:

    A powerful story presented with beautiful and touching music. I came all the way from DC just to see this beautiful piece and was not disappointed one bit. What a pleasurable evening.

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